Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2009

Some more from the cave

Finally scanned the missing prints. Plus: I found a picture I took back then. Thought it might be interesting in case you don't know what exactly a lithograph is. 
Here's a short description of how to make a lithograph:
Get yourself a large chunk of limestone, make sure the surface is absolutely even and smooth.
Draw on the stone with oil-based media. Treat the surface with an watery solution of gum arabic and some nitric acid. Let it dry and remove excess grease from the drawing. Before you print, keep the stone wet with water. The drawing will now attract your printing colour, because it's oil based, while the rest of the surface repells the colour. Add paper and pressure. Voilà.

That's it for tonight. Gotta do same drawings for the artwork of my band 's next CD. 

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