Montag, 13. Juli 2009

(more or less) Public Announcements

No 1.

I am in no way associated with the current german vodafone-campaign.
It is the favorite for my very personal "this-year's-most-annoying-tv-commercial-award".
I have to admit though, that I felt vaguely sorry for Sascha Lobo (and even more sorry for David Bowie's "Heroes"), who was obviously more than a bit uncomfortable, standing amidst those guys from vodafone and Scholz&Friends, during last weeks press-conference. No matter what some people say, I have gotten to know him as a hearty and sincere person, which is a rare thing, especially in his business. Nonetheless, the commercial is terribly annoying.

No 2.

From next week on you finally have the opportunity to buy some of my prints. They are from the Lifted-Series I posted before. Go to Supalifekiosk in the Raumerstraße 40, Berlin. They stock loads of great books, magazines, clothes and prints by local artists.

No 3.

Holiday. Next week. Finally.

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