Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

The Stone Age Revisited pt.2

Found some more scans of those Lithographs on my hard disc. The whole set consisted of ten illustrations, loosely based on Bright Eyes' album Lifted. I have to stress the "loosely" bit, as - while working on that series - not only came other songs to my mind, but I also began to consider and illustrate the process of illustrating itself. Plus: towards the end of the term - it was a work I did in art-school, remember? - I had to decide whether to cling to my initial concept or get the whole thing done. (Imagine smiley here.)
Anyways, I think the whole thing turned out quite nice in the end. That's why I brought a portfolio full of those prints to supalifekiosk today. Unfortunately the boss wasn't there, but his stand-in seemed to like the stuff and promised to show it to him next week. So, no more crammed drawers now, but maybe someday soon you might be able to purchase these prints in Berlin. 
Fingers crossed.

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